We want you to read Hey, Kiddo and tell us your reactions. What questions did it raise for you? In what different ways did you connect with this coming-of-age story? Are there important family members, besides your parents, who have played a role in your life? Did the book make you think differently about the opioid crisis we are facing in this country or about the things we can do to address it?

Take a moment to write up your thoughts in a letter to your advising team. This can be a way of introducing yourself, giving us a sense of who you are and how you think. In July, we will send you the names and contact information of the faculty, staff, and student members of your advising team, so you can email them directly. We also have created a Hey, Kiddo website and study guide for you.

When you arrive on campus, you will be able to discuss Hey, Kiddo日本一本道a不卡免费 with your advising team, with each other, and with Jarrett Kroscocka himself during his visit to Conn on Sept. 17. If you bring your book with you, you may even get an autograph.