About LGBTQIA life at Conn

Connecticut College prides itself on being a queer-friendly community. We work hard to ensure students of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations feel safe and supported. 

Conn's queer community is supported by active student groups, a safe and welcoming LGBTQIA Center, an activist center director, a diverse academic program and a number of campus-wide policies and services. The College offers gender-inclusive housing, gender-inclusive restrooms, a preferred name option and a student health plan that includes comprehensive coverage for transgender healthcare.

What we offer

Academic life

  • LGBTQIA-specific course offerings
  • Gender-inclusive/single occupancy restroom facilities in academic settings
  • New faculty/staff training opportunities on sexual orientation issues
  • New faculty/staff training opportunities on gender identity issues

Student life

  • Student organizations for LGBTQIA and ally students
  • Resource center/office with responsibilities for LGBTQIA students
  • Paid staff with responsibilities for LGBTQIA and ally support services
  • Ally program or Safe Space/ Safe Zone
  • Regularly plans LGBTQIA social activities
  • Regularly plans educational events on sexual orientation issues
  • Regularly plans education events on transgender issues

Counseling and health services

  • Student health plan that includes comprehensive coverage for transgender healthcare
  • LGBTQIA inclusive counseling/support groups
  • LGBTQIA inclusive health services/testing

Campus safety

  • Procedure for reporting LGBTQIA-related bias incidents and hate crimes
  • Trains campus police on sexual orientation issues
  • Trains campus police on gender identity/expression issues

Policies and practices

  • Non-discrimination statement inclusive of sexual orientation
  • Non-discrimination statement inclusive of gender identity/expression
  • Health insurance coverage to employees’ same sex partner
  • Accessible, simple process for students to change their name and gender identity on university records and documents
  • Standing advisory committee that deals with LGBTQIA issues

Housing and residence life

  • Transgender student options to be housed in keeping with their gender identity/expressions
  • Gender-inclusive/single occupancy restroom facilities in campus housing
  • Trains residence life and housing staff at all levels on LGBTQIA issues and concerns

Recruitment and retention efforts

  • LGBTQIA mentoring program to welcome and assist LGBTQIA students in transitioning to academic and college life
  • LGBTQIA and ally student scholarships
  • Active LGBTQIA alumni group
  • Special Lavender or Rainbow Graduation ceremony for LGBTQIA students/ allies
  • Active participation in LGBTQIA admission fairs

Interested in joining our community?

Check out the information for incoming students and email lgbtqia@emerging-china.com with any questions. We'd love to meet you — stop by the LGBTQIA Center in Burdick House during your campus visit!

Erin Duran

Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs

As Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs, Erin oversees both the LGBTQIA and Womxn’s Centers, supervising the student staff for both spaces and working with student leaders to develop a robust slate of educational and social programming for the Connecticut College campus community. In this role, Erin also serves as a member of the on campus CARE Team, a group of administrators from across the campus who meet regularly to coordinate support for students experiencing difficulties on campus.

In addition to his role as Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs, Erin also serves as a confidential advocate for survivors of power based personal violence on campus, as well as a member of Staff Council, and a member of the steering committee for the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy日本一本道a不卡免费. This year, Erin will also be serving as a staff advisor for one of the .

日本一本道a不卡免费*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual