As a student, you'll enjoy varied, nutritious and healthy meal options, including vegetarian and vegan offerings at all College dining halls. We strive to achieve transparency with our customers: nutrition facts and a complete list of ingredients in each dish are available online through our menu page, which enables students to educate themselves about the food we serve. Our dining halls are TRANS-FAT FREE (unless it is naturally occurring) and we have made major strides towards reducing sodium levels in our food. The College's on-campus gardening group, SPROUT! provides fresh organic seasonal vegetables to the dining halls.

日本一本道a不卡免费Here are a few ways we have made our dining halls healthier…

  • We offer fresh fruit each day
  • We offer a large variety of whole grain cereals
  • We offer whole grain pancakes and pasta
  • Many of our bread offerings are made with whole grains, resulting in fewer calories and less added sodium
  • We offer raw sugar packets and raw stevia at the tea and coffee stations
  • We offer low fat and fat free yogurts and cottage cheese
  • We serve a variety of soy and nut milks
  • All dining halls have “Allergen Free” pantries & coolers; we stock a myriad of products students with food allergies.
  • We serve lactose free ice cream cups and milk
  • We offer low fat 1% milk, 1% chocolate milk and skim milk
  • All dining halls feature a salad bar everyday
  • We received an A on PETA’s vegan report card in 2015
  • We consistently offer vegan desserts, made from scratch with “real” ingredients
  • We offer vegan breakfast entrees and hot cereals everyday
  • We offer gluten free whole grains daily in our salad bar
  • We offer gluten free pasta and pizza daily
  • We have adjusted our recipes to substantially broaden the gluten free offerings in our dining halls


?Students can call upon the office of Student Wellness and Alcohol/Drug Education as a resource on all aspects of wellness. Also, the Health Peer Educators student group is committed to educating the campus community on how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.